Today is the international Cannabis day and I am glad to publish my first psychedelic track!


It was a long journey, which started about an year ago and progressed extremly slowly until somewhere in november, where I tried to impose myself a deadline until the end of 2018, which obviously didn't happen. Also in the beginning of my kick-bass-line crafting I was struck by a hardcore anti marihuana propaganda movie made about 80 years ago called "Reefer Madness". Dating back it was one of the first carefully designed videos to launder the minds of the average American public. After all, Cannabis was considered to be the biggest danger for the private industrialization by providing a natural and easy to obtain ressource in many different industrial branches including medicine, argiculture, architecture and everyday life. It is no where near suitable to be patented as a source, which further cut its chances to avoid prohibition. In turn of events USA banned Cannabis in any form with strictest drug policy available. USA also forced its economic partners to do the same and so was Cannabis banned worldwide and the carefully designed propaganda was extensively used throughout the decades to appal the public from its usefulness. Among all it was lied that Cannabis will kill your braincells, while in fact research showed proofs of neurogenesis. You've been told that Cannabis will lead you to lung cancer, while in fact Cannabis repels not only lung cancer, but huge variety of cancer types. You've been told that Cannabis will seriosly damage all of your physical capabilities, but I'll let Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt disagree. The only use case, which still couldn't be denied by the propaganda is that Cannabis grows much faster than any other useful plant, and can be used to replace single use plastic, to create paper and robust clothing, and even use it in buildings as a material. You've heard that Cannabis is the gateway to harder drugs, yet actually prescription drugs are and Cannabis is a way out. In this way Cannabis messes with many big economic branches. It is a pain in the ass for the pharma and alcohol industry, which now hipocratically at the verge of its legalization tries to obtain the control of its harvesting and distribution. You can also try to make a rough estimate about the millions of lives seriously affected or even lost by the Cannabis ban, in forms of dead penalties and harsh jail sentences, police and criminal violence, extreme social discrepance and public shaming, among others. At the same time no one ever died from consuming Marihuana! So yeah, with this first track of mine I decided to fix the initial propaganda messages to fit in the 21st century.

Now about psytrance music. I was first introduced to trance and psytrance by my brother, computer games and my schoolmates from Asoma, to which I am very grateful. I used to listen to trance music way back in 1995, while playing the slowly moving and not sound demanding Heroes of Might and Magic 1, and with trance becoming increasingly commercial and dull, I've slowly transitioned to Astral Projection, Man with no Name, Infected Mushroom and Hallucinogen, somewhere around 1997. Since then I enjoy its great varieties and try visit many events. I then started cutting psychedelic videos for fun, using mine and other artists work, which you've seen for sure. But back in my head I always wanted to produce music by myself and while psytrance is far not the only genre I enjoy, my extensive signal processing background makes it particularly suitable to jump in.

There it is - my first track called "playground", which is actually the name of the sound project, which I gave to play with sounds in general, way earlier before the track got it's shape the way you can listen to it now. For my artist name I decided to go for Kuker (Kykep in Bulgarian). Shortly said Kuker is shaman that repels evil spirits.

I want to thank all of the producers who sacrifice their time to share free online courses and in particular Andrew a.k.a. Mind Mirror a.k.a. Collective Intelligence for his lessons. Further important psy trance production secrets are regularly taught by Dash Glitch and Sadowick Production who gives tons of electronic music tips in general. Stay tuned for an upcoming video and remaster!

I looks like you are still here so you can enjoy finally my own video to it:

Released in 2019-04-20 at 145 bpm :-)