Going deep down the rabbithole one enters Wonderland. A place where nothing is impossible as described by Alice:

Alice notable journeys were depicted by "Lewis Carroll" to change the world of billions of children, among Jefferson Airplane psy rock band. In a call for inspiration their lead singer Grace Slick, listened to the amazing musical masterpiece Bolero for days and read Alice's wonderland adventures. Composed by Ravel, the 3/4 rhythm progressively brings one deeper and deeper in wonderland. All of this was put together by Grace in the most iconic psychedelic rock vocals ever recorded. The track was called White Rabbit and predestined to become the anthem of whole generation and is viewed as an antidote to the modern hypocritical society. It was released on this date before 53 years, third of November, 1966!
In this modern adaptation, as you might call it, I am blending all of the mentioned revolutionary sound waves with the first real philosophical fairy tale painted by Disney in 1951 in a modern psychedelic dubstep sound!
I am very grateful to my girlfriend for bringing this journey together, to Flo who listened to this track through all of its versions, as well as the other Flo! To go down in a 100 bpm quest I was mostly inspired by the amazing consciousness shattering sounds of Symbolico! Other inspirations include the hyperspace exploration sounds by Tipper, the shamanic music by Porangui, the world bass waves by Globular and recently the brutal releases by Klaada! On this topic I might release some psydub mix combining all of those ;-) But before that I plan to record some more elements to the track with friends, and create a video for it :-)

10 minutes, 10 seconds 100 bpm - ready to tumble down the rabbit hole!