After one year training it was time again to compete again at the high school championships! This year in Marburg between 23-26 June!

First a little bit introduction...

Last year I participated also in the high school championships 2010 held in Freiburg and stepped in the ring for my first time. It was still the old scoring system, which doesn't rely on points and stuff, just says the winner! Very cool huh... So anyway I boxed for three rounds, and though I won it, but at the end, the other hand was raised! My trainer, Eduard was also very upset and asked them to see the exact decision reasons, but was told, to become them he must pay 20 Euro! ("great"!)

Anyway, I thought, might be wrong from my side... But later on after watching the video and recently with fresher eyes I can really tell I won that one, but lets leave this alone. The next opponent was very good boxer, so it may be also good to "loose" that way, rather then really loosing and hurting myself. Considering I wasn't that experienced at that time. To see my technically funny, but effective performance at that time you can follow the link:

My first ring experience!

(I gave my contacts to the opponent to contact me and to exchange videos, but no sign from him, so this is my phone version, filmed by Ivan, who was kindly helping us)

yerbol champion

Yerbol with his certificate for winning in 2010

Just to drop few necessary lines here about that championship I would first give credit to Yerbol, who won the championships in B-64kg class, because wasn't able to do the weight limit of 60 and replaced our trainer Eduard, who wasn't allowed to participate, as he was above 36 years of age... We found there Ivan Freidenberg, who was kind to help us and we supported him to win the title at A-60kg after very hard and intense fight! I made small video, which you can check out there.

Was a beautiful battle

To make a full story, I would like to tell, that I was at the championships in 2009 in Cologne for first time, but only as spectator, where Eduard boxed and unfortunately lost his first fight in a close decision. Back in the days, watching so much boxing live was extreme exciting and motivating! I even met old friend from school and it was great :)

s mar4eto :)

Maria and me in Cologne 2009 - old school friends! The hotel atmosphere in the background as usual ;-)

Now lets come back to Marburg, 2011. I'll start like tellin story :-)

After whole week watching intensively boxing fights on my computer and experiencing the next sleepless night watching I woke up at Thursday and took a look at the clock from my bed. It was 9:30 and in 30 minutes was about to start making noise. Ok, 30 minutes more in bed and then starting to pack stuff. Besides packing stuff, there were some diet actions for the weight in, which I'll spare for the moment :P

So helmet, gloves, mouth guard... Yeah, groin protector too, of course! 10 fruit juices for me and who ever wants, 10 corny for fast power too... I was very well prepared! Sleeping bags too...

Bang! 12:08! Run for the bus with all stuff!

We met at 12:30 and everyone was fit to go!

Eduard (trainer), Ralf (old trainer), Ricarda (B-64), Wai-Lap (B-64), Sven (B-75), Dima (B-69) and me (B-69).

All together in rented ford bus :)

So we came fast in Marburg, where we were happy to see firstly the other teams with greetings from the last years! Really cool, seeing someone once per year and feeling him much close than the people, you meet everyday at the university... Nevermind, we checked in, then we checked the ring briefly to see how it feels. I saw it was really small ring, 4x4 meters. I though this is really my chance to win this tournament. Small ring, 10 oz gloves, more fights in less time - all in favor of mine! Who knows what will be next year if even there will be next year?!

We checked also our weight to know whats going on, because weight in would be at 7:00 next day! I met there what turned out to be my first opponent, or his brother, who were curious, who am I (weight, fights, class, name...). Although this is a pure sign of potentially scared people I answered kindly, and went with the others to the city, where everyone ate salads and had a beer and only I hadn't :-D But I've calculated all (even though I was pretty sure I was ok, I just don't wanted to have jumping rope session at 6:30 and then fighting at 11).

city of marburg

city walk

Marburg walk

And the sleeping! Whoa, this deserves a paragraph! We slept in two halls (basketball and ballet) connected with huge door ("we" means everyone - boxers, trainers, etc). And the floor was as one big element, and of course very noisy when someone walks. Also very cold ;-) Even pretty hard, if you are only with ThermaRest. However, this were far the only problems. Namely, we were ~150 people in these rooms and imagine what means 30% snoring people (~50). So imagine it was worse than being in a wood factory... To feel good at night, there are always people (you also) going to toilet including lights on, smell around and walking noise... I thought, I was prepared for this, as I already survived 2 championships and having at least 50 nights sleeping away from home and gathering "experience", but I must acknowledge, that it was hard even for me! Especially when I should jump off bed after 6 hours for the weight in!

Dima trying to sleep

have a "nice sleep" Dima :)

Cool huh? Anyway, 6 hours later was the weight in, as mentioned. So in my lousy dreams the earthquakes were caused perhaps by the heavyweights, who already were jumping on ropes to loose some kilos. We went get the weight stamp in our passes and we all did well except Dima, who had to sweat some 400g (for those who don't know, half kilo is not a big deal, just not very comfortable at this time of the day).

I went then immediately to sleep and the others went to eat something. I caught them at the and of their meal and we went to the doctor check - all fine of course, but it's important to do that. While waiting I met my first opponent after short chat with the guy next to me :-) He repeated the questions and I asked again kindly, but wasn't interested at all, about having answers of same questions. I gave him however big tip - I am climbing :)

Anyway, it was time to move around and start warming a little bit. I was really sleepy, and this was a major concern for me, knowing also I cannot perform good in the morning (gymnastics, climbing and running never go well in the morning). But anyway, nothing to do against! Just accept it and start doing some stretching. I knew I had some muscles tired and although in boxing every muscle is important, these weren't the directly related ones. So after some first warm moves I started warming up the shoulders - no pain! WTF?! No pain?! I always have pain in the shoulders and they do strange noises, but this time nothing! I rotated them back and forth, wild moves, stretched them - PERFECT! YEAH! Great sign! So further warming against the huge mirrors, where we slept and the time to do some business came. I packed my stuff and went to the boxing hall.


Popeye called me that to ask me about my forearms and to wish me well ;-)

Wai-Lap was boxing right before me, so Ralf and Eduard were with him at the ring, so the warm up procedures I had to do alone, just as I like and I was a little late, because I packed all my stuff like helm in the last moment. I was wrapping my hands, watching Wai-Lap and jumping with feets to warm up - all together. In result, I wasn't very warm and my left arm was bad wrapped, but that didn't mattered later on ;-)

Few words about Wai-Lap, who was on the ring. There was some big difference in experience and although Wai-Lap was tough, Ralf decided to trow the towel to avoid further damage. Anyway, I couldn't see really more and took my gloves on. I later watched the video and though I would normally let Wai-Lap to go for the last round - two minutes nothing so bad could have happened, because I knew he was tough customer, but Ralf perhaps didn't knew that ;-/

It was time to step in the ring.

Although I wasn't afraid stepping in I must say I was really worried about the scoring system and how all will go on. I was worried also not to be penalized by the judges, as I am not a technical boxer. I was told not to touch gloves and start with business, but I am not that type of guy, so I kindly touched gloves and then started business :-D

I managed to put in the first so called "respect jab". Then I decided to go for it. I started punching really wild, and didn't wanted to let judges to decide the fight. I was in my own world, and didn't perceived anything then my trainers voices "SLOW DOOOWN! CAALM DOOOOOWN!"... The opponent hadn't his guard very tight, and that's the only thing I saw about him, nothing else. Then suddenly the judge said something and made some gestures, I didn't understood very well, but apparently he was doing standing count. I heard the same things "SLOW DOOOWN! CAALM DOOOOOWN!"... I though really to calm down, just do some combinations, but I had him again against the ropes and I was wild again... Result - TKO. The judge have seen enough, although I would say the guy could held at least 30 seconds more, as he was really tough, although unexperienced.

Video of my first kinda funny performance :)

Who knows, what could happened there in rounds 2 and 3 if I didn't managed to finish him (would probably won by points, but no matter). Somehow I feel sorry I had to produce some kind of "bad beat" (as poker terminology, not literally beating him) at the first boxing match, but you know, that's boxing and I managed really to surprise Classen (he could also do the calculation "climbing + 175 + 69 = bully type", but didn't). We later had a lot of conversations with both brothers, who came from University of Erlangen (damned what a great place to climb!). So they remained very positive in my mind and I wish them well in what they do and reminded me our situation very very much :)

So there was a lot of applause on the ring for me. Somewhat really strange, how the people are recognizing TKO and KO so much. I really don't understand that. I like to watch real long and exhausting combats between even fighters, rather then watching some beating. Anyway, I stepped off the ring to my surprised trainers (Eduard wasn't surprised, that I can do this, because we are sparring, but was really surprised, I did that there). Right after came the rest of the team to great me ("youuuuu jeeeeeeeerk", "youuu bastard!") hehe :) They were happy for me. Then also several people I don't know came to greet me too. I appreciate that. Appreciate not in sense of ego rising situation. Just found it very positive to be able to perform something and that there are people, that found it good and also gave their feedback in real way. So that really made me happy and I went to the showers.

There was no time to rest. Next on the fighting schedule was Sven. I knew he has a huge lack of experience and a lot of boxing holes, so I was a little bit worried, how he'll go. I was mostly worried, because last year at his weight class there were a real boxers and against such one, there would be a really bad experience, that might affect his boxing impressions.

On the way to the boxing hall I was really surprised. I saw Sarah and Marina - two of the girls that train with us in the university! They came to watch us a little bit! So they traveled all the way to Marburg just to support us. In moments like these I cannot pack my appreciation in words. I was so happy! I heard some people wanted to come to see, what's going on, but in cases like this usually the information enters the one ear and leaves after the shortest way from the other one. I really don't care, what the people are talking so I somehow interpret such statements as bullshit for the one who tells them. I really respect actions, so this gesture of showing up really got me out of my skin. Anyway, this was between the lines.

So I told the girls I am just on the way for the Sven bout and I was hurry. So we went fast and after fast greetings they went to watch upstairs with the others and I went to help Eduard and Ralf to prepare Sven. I did some job balancing the enthusiasm and even the hectics of Ralf with calming down the situation. Although I am sometimes really concerned I am never nervous, so I tried to give that somehow to Sven.


Ricarda, Sarah, Marina and Wai-Lap just about to see how Sven does business :)

Enough said... Sven entered the ring, and my god HE DID WELL! I was soo fucking surprised!!! Usually people do on punching mits, worse than they perform on bag. Sparring is normally worse than mits. And going on the ring is even worse! In the case of Sven, all was right the opposite! He boxed really good and the other guy experienced standing count, while Sven was trying to apologize to him and see if he does well. "Cute" reaction as described later by the female spectators, but not really appropriate for boxing match :) However Sven won the decision and I was super happy. He was of course shy and told us he didn't do that well, but I tend to believe my eyes much more then my ears, as mentioned.

Hand up :)

So ended the so called session 2 for us (Wai-Lap and me were in session 1 at 10, then session 2 was at 14, followed by 3 at 18:30). I went to try to rest on the floor listening music.


Our nice hotel again

I "woke up" with some great food ideas. If I hopefully win the next fight, I'll have to be careful not to eat too much for the second weight in tomorow. I also needed power?! So well I went to tell Eduard if he could go with the car to the shop (which I didn't knew) to get some curd and stuff, and I was about to go to buy something with a lot of sugar and big fat coffee. Then I met at the boxing hall Eduard, Marina and Sarah, to get informed that the shop is actually 200m away, so I went immediately there and the girls told me "bye", that I didn't understood at that moment. It turned out that they were just leaving and wanted eventually to say really "bye", but I was too stupid to get it. I am telling all of this, because I laughed really a lot after understanding ;-)

So anyway I bought everything like coffee + cake for pre fight power and curd for after fight recovery and to avoid weight gain.

I "woke up" for the start of my session. I was about to have fight 14 so I went to the hall to see what's up. I saw the others there, that were about to watch two A class fights in 64 and 75. One of the 60 was the Aram fight, so I was looking really forward for it. Aram, definitely the type of guys I mentioned earlier, that you meet them once per year and feel them much closer then all of the everyday people. He was about to meet younger guy with much more fights in his card. Before them the other 64 fight was a real pleasure to watch too. 20 year boy studying in Kassel with 140 bouts in his pass won against some tall guy in real good fight (same boy lost earlier that day to some crazy 19 old with 44 fights (great bout too, really the next level!)). After having these thoughts Aram stepped on the ring and the fight started. It was very very close fight and I would prefer Aram for the decision, but the judges gave it to the other one. Anyway, that was not the important for me. It was the way Aram fought. With huge heart and real real commitment. He totally left it all on the ring. I have seen a great fights on my computer, but they weren't even close to what I've just saw. I was totally blown away and even felt really small after seeing such a great human presentation in front of me. Really wanted to put this immediately in practice! I greeted Aram after the fight and went to watch further the both 75 fights, where in the first one Meilinger made a brutal physical challenge fight and won with RTD. The next went with a lot of technique and then I decided to have some small rest before fighting.

Why I am telling all of this? Because these were one of the most important things, I've realized in this tournament. I decided to put immediately these three things in practice with giving highest priority to the heart and commitment, then doing i really physical and to show some technique as well. Who would have thought I would do all of this couple of hours later!?

After small rest I warmed up really good, then wrapped my hands good as well and started to hit the mits and keep warm. I felt a little bit tired, but after doing all the thing I did that day without having proper sleep I think I am excused! However, on the ring noone asks if you are tired, so you got to keep it strong.

The bout before was between my eventual opponent. I took a look at it, and though, both are manageable. However I told Dima to shot couple of rounds to know my opponents...

"...aus dem Universitaet des Saarlandes, Svilen Dimitrov!"

So it was my turn to box.

My opponent seemed a little worried if not even afraid. His trainer, a great trainer from Cologne, looked concerned (I may have impressed them with my first performance), as well as the help trainer, who fought amazing fight the the above mentioned Meilinger in 2009 in Cologne (was my favorite fight back then with Ivan vs Aram fight). So the ring bells, I thought my shoes are not tight enough, but the though went away very fast. I started pressing the fight, making the "respect jab" working. After a while I followed up with the "good night hook" and all worked well. Adrien, my opponent, make some attempts to upset me, but without having effect at all in the first round, besides the crowd cheering him. I thought there that the judges might cheer this actions as well, so I need to be really focused and be busy. In between rounds Ralf and Eduard told me some standard things with one two and asked if I am listening, because I was trying to breath really deep. They went off the ring and thought I didn't listened, but I really did, just was too busy regenerating the lost power, so I missed the kindly head nicking... Anyway, the second round went also good for me doing points and pressing. I was caught with one super clean hook and I must say I was really surprised how well I took the punch and came back to business right after that thought (not sure but I think it is 5:30 on the video).

touch gloves

Sportsmanship and Respect

In round 3 I had really to commit myself and let the qualities earned that day to flow. I managed to do all of that and won the fight.


Exhausted I managed to produce music upstairs :-)

You can enjoy this really nice battle!

It later turned on that I won with 25:8 so like Aram said, while greeting me, that I lost too much power, and he was right. The only one "unhappy" was Ralf, who couldn't hold on his apathy to my boxing style - "not good, not good..." :) hehe (he is extreme orthodox trainer and really dislike my boxing style, but what can I do) :)

I had no time to do fancy things more. I just checked my weight and ran to the showers. Soon it was time for Ricarda and Dima to fight for first time! I got right on time.

It was time for session 4 and Dima had to fight against experienced fighter. Dima is also experienced, but was really nervous. Strangely the other guy seemed to be even more nervous. I tried to calm down Dima as much as I could. His opponent was tall and Dima is just perfect against tall guys, so I saw a good sign.

And it was a good sign - Dima won an interesting fight with 5:4, where I would score the fight about 15:10, but anyway judges saw that different. So we were perfect, and after some small celebration we prepared Ricarda for her first ring entrance.

Well prepared!

She doesn't seemed to worry at all, neither did I. Eduard was a little bit concerned, because the women fights are usually a brutal brawls, but was sure that Ricarda will do the business. Anyway, Ricarda did it :-) She won by a real wide margin and displayed something, that up to date noone saw in the woman fights - technique!

technique ricarda

Smiling for the camera, then showing real skills too - slipping + punching!

It was only hit / get hit style all the years long, so everyone was really surprised. Even in A class they did the same brawls, but the only difference - they had harder heads and stronger fists and are also more conditioned... However, Ricarda tried to step in too much and got hit badly in the left eye, which was a major concern for the next fight tomorrow. Such wild actions were not a key factor since she won with 31:12.

Well done!

It was almost 12 and we all went to try to sleep. I couldn't fall asleep so I went for a walk. Then got back in the "wood factory" and started to attempt to fall asleep.

I woke up before the phone, went for the weight in - ok, went to make something to eat and then fast to try to sleep one more hour. You know, my weight was all the time around 69, so I had no problems, but with heavyweights in the hall jumping around to sweat some kilo (or leaving it all in toilet :D) and everyone going in the morning somewhere it was pretty stressful situation, so I tried to rest and abstract myself from what's happening around me as much as i could. I had to do the final in session 5, at 10 o'clock, fight number three!

I "woke up" again and saw Ralf, that was again a bit hectic and was speaking something, I didn't heard behind my phones, but I understood, what he wanted and told him "it's ok". I started the usual program - stretching and stuff against the big mirror again. I felt of course tired from less sleeping and much action, but in the ring noone asks you if you are tired, so I proceeded. I watched also some video moments of my opponent and he seemed possible to handle. However, he was fast and was doing nasty points, so I was worried about the judge decision. He won his last match also with 13:9, where I saw him maybe loosing, so I was worried even more and wanted to bring some justice around :)

My opponent was already waiting for me, so I didn't wanted to disappoint him, and went to the boxing hall. Did some mits work and it was time for me to enter the ring.

final bout

Final bout

Nhan La, my opponent, was attempting one and the same thing over and over - ducking and hitting at same time. So he was kinda ambush fighter, but kinda easy one. So I was pressing him for three rounds and thought he wouldn't make 30 seconds if I wasn't tired. I was overall really composed and occasionally did really stupid actions like walking into punches.

walk in

"Schooled" this time ;-D

Luckily he didn't punched hard, but produced points here and there, that worried me a little bit. However, I displayed the fighting heart again and was very happy about that. I tried also to fake him a lot while being composed, making him doing his signature move for nothing and maybe even discouraged him.

fake moves

Staying composed and faking made him do stupid movements :P

I also got some nice lovely shots like upercut, that made him to shake a bit (the so called "chicken dance"), also some body shots (digging like for oil). So as Eduard said between 2 and 3 "do it and you are champion". So I did it and became champion. I was really happy about "doing it", much more than the stupid title. I felt relief too. I was then curious to see the result, but couldn't do that up to date in internet (12:6).

Sorry that the video is not full, but it was some hardware problems that encountered during filming!

It was still no party time, Sven was boxing after three fights against strong opponent and he needed my shorts for that (was not allowed to box with his this time). So we changed fast and I took fast shower and ran to support him.

Sven before entering

Time to do bussiness!

He entered the ring and boxed really really good again, but his opponent was just too good, and after the second standing count, the judge decided, that it would not be appropriate for Sven to continue, as he took too many shots and wobbled a lot.


Anyway, I was still proud of how good he boxed, cheered him and went to buy food.

Ice cream - YEAH!

This is how I look like if I don't eat enough ice!!!

Anyway, was time for Dima to box. I was sure he will do it, as his opponent lost all his power in efforts to knock his the other Classen brother down. He was a hometown boy, so everyone was cheering, but also meant that he slept much better then Dima, who decided to sleep in the bus, to avoid the comfort sleeping, that we enjoyed in the "hotel" :)

So the bell rang and Dima started doing some wild things, that noone had saw him ever doing. Against me, he was boxing 100 times better and I am pretty sure I would handle his opponent quite easy, as he was tired too. So there were people screaming in 3 languages, what he should do (left, right, left + distance holding), but that didn't helped - Dima lost and rightfully was disappointed. Penalized for holding as well, but that was not the reason and everyone, besides Eduard, knew that as well (17:7).

Anyway I was watching and warming up Ricarda. She was about to fight couple of fights later. And was good idea because one of the fights ended in round 1.

So there she was on the ring. I must drop a thank line here for the helm, that was given to us by some kind trainer, don't know from where (all helms must have been AIBA or DBV licensed, which costs of course 10 and 22 euro plus...). Ricarda was even better than her first time and was acknowledged by the organizer, who was also surprised by her boxing skills. After 3 rounds, that should have been 4, she won by wide margin (29:9) and became champion :)

ricarda champion

Eye looked even better now :)

So there we was happy and bought all kind of food to wait the award ceremony. Meanwhile I bought myself the same gloves, that we boxed with, but 14 oz instead of 10 oz (Green Hill Tiger). I already was taking an eye on the gloves and was happy to be able to test them in 3 fights :) By the way I was the only one to have devastating three fights between us, also in my group as well, which is also kinda uneven, but noone asks, so I had to do it! The other pretty nasty thing, was the organizers decision to divide the Ricarda's weight division in A and B groups instead of two B groups like they signed up, by favoring his boxer against easy opponents with no fights to become eventually A group champion instead of B group champion, while Ricarda faced tough opponents to become B group champion! "Nice" move indeed! Anyway, a thank line here for the small shop dealer for the fantastic price, that I won't spoil, but at least I can drop a link to his online shop (click). Pretty strange, what top prices he offered, considering the effort, he did and that he was there in monopoly so to speak! He was also kind and told about his son, that is boxing as well and so on... We made us team picture on the ring as well!

uni saarland team boxing

Dima, Ralf, Ricarda, Sven, me, Wai-Lap, Eduard

(University of Saarland boxing team 2011)

So it was time for the ceremony, which went with a lot of jokes between the boxers and was fun at all. We made some pictures again and that was it - time to go. Say "bye" to all nice people there!

Award ceremony at the university boxing championships in Marburg

award ceremony boxing high school championships marburg 2011

It was of course all fun again. Here the guy right to me was annoyed by the cameras and I told him to become accustomed ;-)

We were extremly tired and slept most of the time in the car - the rest of the time was no less fun and went with a lot of jokes :)

bus on the way back to saarbruecken

On the way back!

Writing this full with positive emotion I definitely thing, that we succeeded to give something to boxing. In the same fashion like in global scale in Germany Felix Sturm robbed boxing, by winning awful corrupted decision against Matthew Macklin, who I am sure Sturm wanted to be outsider, but was pummeled almost every single round instead. The same night in USA Devon Alexander punched boxing in the groins, by taking a split decision over Lucas Mathysse, who smacked him for another 10 rounds. The same weekend where the european amateur championships went quite corrupt as well... So I feel sorry that such things in global scale, but was happy we "lifted" the sport in local scale!

So yeah, see you next year!

Or even better - see you on the rocks!

Time to thank!

Thanks to Eduard for all the effort he put, making this all happen for us. So much things he did... Maybe I am the only one to know really, but this doesn't changes the facts. In particular for the event he found bus, gathered us all, took Ralf with us, bought all medicine stuff like ice and vaseline, took care of all the formalities, etc. All of this besides taking over the training and even do some sparring with us. He was also very kindly engaged to travel me and Dima to Voelklingen, where we could find first class sparring partners! I like to thank them as well! Also the top trainers there for the accurate advices! (You can check out the club website in the boxing links menu)

Thanks to Ralf for taking all of this serious and being responsible to travel with us!

Thanks to Ricarda for showing female technique for fist time and for the fantastic boxing!

Thanks to Sven for doing such a surprise. Also for filming and support and everything else!

Thanks to Wai-Lap for all the efforts he put too like boxing himself and filming and everything.

Thanks to Dima for the encouragement he gave to me and for all the stuff he did as well.

Thanks to my family for the support in such directions!

Thanks to Marina and Sarah for the super pleasant surprise!

Thanks to the organizers, that put up so much work! I really appreciate this! Also to those in Freiburg for the last year organization and of course to the dudes from Cologne as well for 2009!

Thanks to Yerbol for winning in 2010 and building our way up and for the huge training engagement and of course for the funny sparring days too!

Thanks to all other guys that come to training as well! Explaining something makes you understand it better, so I appreciate this too!

Thanks to all that had guts to do some sparring with us in the training like Andreas, Pascal, Anton...

Thanks to the old timers like Vadim, Alex and Manuel too!

Thanks to all other people, that helped to build the fighter in me. Like Aram with his big heart, like the other tough A-64 boys that displayed top class boxing, like all the other trainers that gave me tips, like Niki from Freiburg and Ivan from Alzey!

Thanks to the boys from Erlangen for being a nice normal team like us (talked with them a lot and they seemed to be very same situation like people coming and leaving, also not having good material base). Also nice blog entry in their site (click)! Thanks to all other teams for taking part and the support as well!

Thanks to the judges this year for being such a great people. I must say compared to last year judges (absolute assholes full with complexes), this ones were really cool. I had the chance to talk with them a lot and make a lot of jokes and they were always in best mood and even gave me tips right after my fights.

Thanks to the encouragement by all the friends here!

Thanks to our university high school sports administration, for taking care of finances as much as that was possible. Here I would add a small critics - they wanted to charge us with 350 euro for medical test in their department (every fighter should be tested medically to ensure he is in condition to take part of event), where normal tests costs 20-40 euro and all of us had to find a cheap doctor to do this...

All of our results can be viewed in the Marburg box club website (click)(or click pdf)

Frauen-64 kg:
HF: Ricarda Heguijuela (UNI des Saarlandes) PS (31:12) Samira Funk (UNI Potsdam)
Ricarda Heguijuela (UNI des Saarlandes) PS (29:9) Constance Yue (H-UNI Berlin)

Männer-69 kg-Gruppe 1:
Svilen Dimitrov (UNI des Saarlandes) RSC-S.1.R. Andre Classen (UNI Erlangen)
Svilen Dimitrov (UNI des Saarlandes) PS (25:8) Adrian Briere (FH Köln)
Svilen Dimitrov (UNI des Saarlandes) PS (12:6) La Nhan  (UNI FFM)

Männer-69 kg-Gruppe 2:
Dmytro Dolinin (UNI des Saarlandes) PS (6:5) Daniel Rehfeld (H-UNI Berlin)
Faruk Ekici (UNI Marburg) PS (17:7) Dmytro Dolinin (UNI des Saarlandes)

Männer-75 kg-Gruppe 3:
Sven Kaiser (UNI des Saarlandes) Aug.-S. 3.R. Samuel Schwibbe (Uni Konstanz)
Vasily Sadokon (UNI Mannheim) RSC-S. 2.R. Sven Kaiser (UNI des Saarlandes)

Männer-64 kg:
Evgenij Rylov (H-UNI Berlin) RSC-S.2.R. Way-Lap Wong (UNI des Saarlandes)

Also to mention, our University made it to the rankings - something, that never happened before!