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The week just before Easter I became an invitation to step on the ring again. The offer was seemingly perfect. Local Box Gala with opponent, that had no fights at all. Seemed perfect. I even thought to be calm and cool if the opponent is newbie. I didn't wanted to be the swine to ruin his first ring entrance with some bad beat knockout... No one else from my club was boxing and me and Bernd went for the weight in the same day. I was 71,5 kg after eating so it was no problem, just the one that my opponent was listed as 75 kg. Well, ok! Another funny thing was the atmosphere in the weigh-in that took place in some huge restaurant - arrogant, complexed, aggressive or just miserable with one word. Miserable not in terms of material advancement. Hey there was a free meal, how could that be miserable?!

We arrived in hall and they told me that my opponent didn't came. Later on my name was told on the loudspeaker that my opponent had arrived. Very strange indeed how he got written in the weigh-in, but wasn't available. The only explanation is that some other fighter didn't shown up so my opponent was rescheduled to some of the organizers boys. Of course they missed to tell me things like that. Anyway, my opponent was there and for luck I hadn't eat too much and I started to do some stretching for my fight that was under number 19. Another problem was the unsorted fights list, that came later and showed my fight way behind, so I stopped warming up just after the stretching and called Eduard to come along because Bernd was a ringside judge.

I didn't knew who my opponent is and actually saw him firstly on the ring. My ring entrance was also cool. I wasn't warmed up and was completely unprepared to head my name again on the loudspeaker and there was no joke - it was my fight turn! All people had to wait my hectic running around to find my head- and mouth guard. Anyway, I jumped into the ring after a while and saw about 195 cm big and at least 80 kg French man. How pretty. I am not a pussy to drop out, but I expected a difficult fight considering, that I wasn't warmed up, just the stretching that saved me maybe from some bad injuries. After a the first exchanges I felt the missing power in the hands of my opponent, but I made him to feel the power presence in my arms. So for the whole fight we behaved respectfully, although the size difference was huge. I dictated the fight luckily and didn't got hit badly at all, because I was cautious. My opponent had shown some punch variety for a "newcomer", but I was good at blocking. Later on in the end of the second round I got terribly pumped and though all is fucked up. It was again, because I wasn't warm, but the fight itself warmed me up and in the third round I was actually fit although I may not seemed like that and was bothered only by the inconvenient head guard. Another strange thing to mention here is that in all the hall and the noise I heard exactly the words of Eduard perfectly clear. Aaah yeah, I won the fight too. Here a short video:

Another funny thing and coincidence is that my opponent was trained by the Pound 4 Pound woman Anne Sophie Mathis (click for boxrec) and she even winked to after the fight when she was greeting me and telling me some maybe standard phrases that I didn't heard at all :)

After taking fast shower, fast photo with Eduard and the ring behind, then sit by myself to watch some boxing

I didn't intended to write that much about my fight, but it turned out like that. I was about to emphasize fights that happened later on and especially their decisions that harmed the boxing world. Firstly there was one fight under the K1 rules that caught our eyes with the incredible self commitment of the both fighters. Unfortunately I don't know their names as they weren't listed in the flier, completely in the organizers spirit. Anyway, such thing is cannot be told - it must be seen!

Right after that was the first professional fight Vito Vendetta vs. Vladimir Fecko. Everyone expected the next knock out that Vito would score and by this nailing his 4 th professional win with having no losses behind. And the poor Vladimir?! Well, he was supposed to be knocked for the pleasure of the crowd and write down in his poor record his 50 th loss with having only two wins! "panem et circenses" you know how it goes. The fight started and immediately after couple of minutes things started to go wrong. Vladimir Fecko totally dominated Vito Vendetta, who just couldn't connect with a single clean shot. Same thing happened the second round and people started to ask themselves, what the hell is happening. Right at that time Vito threw Vladimir on the ground by pushing him and using his front feet (it was orthodox vs. southpaw and their front foots collided as usual). While falling on the ground Vladimir lost his mouth guard and while he was complaining to the referee he got counted! How silly! Gilles Walhin, the action referee was either blind stupid or corrupted stupid. So yeah, Vladimir got fucked up in a round that he won again. In the fourth round Vito was again completely outboxed and the whole hall was echoing from the body shots that Vladimir landed on him. With one word brutal. There were a lot of people filming that fight, but I am sure no one will post the truth somewhere, so you can enjoy only the cheap rap musical career of Vito Vendetta on youtube.

Anyway, it was time for the decision. Unlikely from his hip hop videos Vito was looking down, expecting something bad to happen, while Vladimir was looking proud like a man that was expecting his third win that meant something even more than a world title would mean for a talented boxer. He was clearly not knocked out and also it wasn't his 50 th lost as everyone wanted to see. Maybe on the face of this man there was not only the sweat walling down - there must have been a joyful tears. The same face that used to be punished and feel the flowing blood. Today it was different and in this cold, cloudy and windy day in this foreign country he was the punisher! What a moment!

The decision came - a draw! The dumb-ass crowd applauded as usual, while the matchmakers were in moments of relief - worst didn't happened for them, draw was not that bad. Only me, Eduard and maybe few other people were disturbed by seeing the truth. What a robbery! What a people are these, that are taking something so much precious from this man? What are the people that are applauding that? How sad is that only one ringside judge, Toni Tiberi scored the bout for Vladimir? At that moment I completely lost any desire to compete into boxing anymore and to deal with all sort of boxing people by any means.

While still being shocked, we almost missed how the fighters came away and the next fight was about to happen. Ata Dogan, the local matador, was about to face Vladimir's teammate Josef Obeslo and as you might predict was scheduled to be knocked out. The mistake from the last bout couldn't have happened again! So the fight started and both fighters exchanged some shots. Of course on every Ata Dogan connect the crowd was exploding. That connects weren't that much in the first round, just a handful like 4-5 and were completely absent in all other 5 rounds! Yes, you read it correctly Josef Obeslo totally dominated the fight for all 6 rounds. It was total silence and again only the sounds of Josef pounding Ata could be heard, just barely mixed with some scream in sense of "come on Ata kill him", and yeah I missed the single crowd action in terms of screaming "Ata, Ata, Ata...".

After Ata surviving all the 6 rounds it was a time for the decision. Every normal man would lay down, but damn! he can take a punch, just watch some of his fights in youtube see his world class chin. This time I was sure, "it couldn't happen again"! But to prove me wrong - it happened! "And the winner is ... Ata Dogan!!!" Finally the dumb ass crowd screamed joyfully - the pigs were happy! One judge saw even all rounds for Ata and gave one even - maybe he totally missed the boxes that should be filled up?! You know, this was just a joke - he was just corrupted. Only one judge gave it to Josef by a single point margin - maybe his consciousness did it?! Anyway, disgusted by what just happened we left immediately the hall and while reading the names just to remember from the list, Jose and his team walked nearby us while hitting the walls with fists totally obsessed by madness on his way to the dressing room. So me and Eduard went immediately to them, just to cheer them and make them know, that there were at least two people in this hall that recognize them as winners - just as they were!

It was their win that night! The physical job was done - they won. But there was this miserable way to denude them from their emotional win and devoid their boxing record from that "W" char. Not only that, but maybe a thing that hurts much more and attacks on totally different level - they took their recognition away and gave them the mediocrity disrespect - no more than "boo"! So me and Eduard stepped on the other side of the scales against the dumb idiots supporting their miserable false beliefs and we hope that at least for the small team of outsiders we made the weight!

Well it's time to end the article and the bad feelings about the boxing scene and the boxing cancer that is so much present there came along again while writing. So besides thanking to Eduard for the support again, I am not in any mood to write more. I just hope that after reading the article both morally fucked up boxers from Czech Republic would feel that at least someone saw the truth and dare to talk about it and not only them, but all of the boxers around the world in similar situation!

This reminded me of my article about the boxing cancer that you might wanna read too (The Boxing Cancer: a Story about Corrupt Decisions and what's Behind Them - click).