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This list is some kind of effort to reveal all hidden illegal or low sportmanship methods that give gain to a certain boxer or handicap his opponent when not met by both sides or by the rules:

  • Gloves

Finding the hardest allowed gloves is mandatory job for every boxer and his team. Currently one of the hardest gloves that produce most damage are Cleto Reyes. They are called "puncher gloves" for that reason. Having different hardness of the gloves punching area is because of the ridiculous rules by the organizations that regulate the weight of gloves in ounces, but not the punch impact. So if you wanna cheat or at least to equalize, better choose "the choice of the professionals"!

  • Hand Wraps

Remember Antonio Margarito? Well he wasn't the first case, but the most recent and popular one. There was some movie about case like that called "Death on the Ring", which is definitely worth watching. To protect yourself better make sure some of your team is having an eye on the opposite corner while wrapping if possible. The sad thing is that on low level bouts there is absolutely no check done...

  • Oils like Coco Butter

Everyone wants to be "slippery". Use some oils for that purpose! They are not regulated and the referee will at most warn you for that! Some of them will protect from cuts too, like Coco Butter. Same Coco butter that Emanuel Steward puts on Wladimir Klitschko and the same Coco Butter, which Lateef Kayote blamed Antonio Tarver for being so slippery on his body shots.

  • Trunks High (Profis)

Have watched David Haye?! (click for a guideline)

  • Strange Headgear (Amateurs)

It seems that in USA there is pretty much loosely regulation of how the headgear should look like, because you can see people with full gear boxing others with cut gear!

This doesn't means of course that regulations on world wide events are enough (check some amateur championships photos).

  • Giving the Back to Punch

Widely used techique that is pretty much "half illegal". Just give your back and whine to the referee "he hit me in the back!".

  • Pushing

You remember Amir Khan vs. Lamont Peterson?! Well, taking points for pushing is the most normal thing that a referee should do and any journalist calling this a roberry, adding the ridiculous reasoning that this rule is not so strict in other states, should be considered as narrow minded.

  • Clinching

Clinching is not legal, but anyway widely practiced, especially when close distance is not the best choice for the clincher!

  • Spitting Mouthpiece

When you are awful tired and getting beaten up, just spit the mouthpiece to buy some time! The cool thing is that the first time you do that there is no point deduction! Sometimes you can get away with that for couple more times!

  • Thumbing in the Eyes

Who remembers Steve Cunningham vs. Troy Ross or Lenox Lewis vs. Vitaly Klitschko?!

  • Punching on clinch with the hard glove sides

Widely practiced. Punching in the back during clinch is almost "legal"! :)

  • Whrestling

Well this one is highly practiced and pretty much "legal" as well ;)

  • Pushing with Knee

Good choice, especially with different stances!

  • Stepping on the Foot

Great way to pin an faster opponent, that works awesone with diffent stances as well!

  • Elbow like Tyson

Mix the hooks with elbows to ensure double damage ;)

  • Shoulder

Favorite Amateur move.

  • Foot Punch, Tedy Atlas supporting that punch

Punch the feet is also a great strategy to slow down a running target. Tedy Atlas supported that as an idea at his Friday Night Fights show. Considering that he is world class trainer one should ask himself how is he getting away with such comments?!

  • Head Butt, king Holyfield

If I was at the place of Tyson I would do something illegal to answer Holyfields nasty headbuts! Maybe not with biting, but at least something!

  • Low Blow, king Abner Mares

I am watching no more Abner Mares because of that!