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Since I've watched dozens of training videos, I decided to give you a short review of some of them. Unfortunately, there is a lot of crap in internet considering instructional boxing videos. A lot of dickheads who never fought or even trained for real are posting blogs and videos explaining how to box. There are even bullshit websites created for no real purpose, other than to make you click their banners and buy this and that. Here are maybe the most popular videos and series about boxing training with some short comment by myself:

  • Title Boxing Series

Maybe the best and most comprehensive guide for boxing. You'll see leading trainers like Freddy Roach, Jeff Fenech, and others explaining the fundamentals in terms of technique, training and so on. I watched all of the episodes and I must say that I've learned a lot from them as a boxer and as someone who is teaching the youngsters this and that.

  • GB Masterclass

Great short series, which are free to watch in Vimeo! If you are about to see shortly the fundamentals, this is definitely for you :)

  • Everlast

This one tops the most stupid youtube wannabe channels. In this video you'll enjoy a combination of false tips, false training program, false explanations and a little bit of laughing things like the jumping part, where they had no rope for one of the three participants and she had to jump without rope! (ROFL)

Nevertheless, there are rookies that are taking this video for serious. This is dangerous and shows not only the lack of real importance of this video, it shows the negative impact on the beginners.

  • Art of Boxing by Jim McCann

As terrible as it gets. Some obese guy explaining bullshit...

  • Boxing Training Foundation by Fran Sands

Just disgusted by this one, displaying someone who really doesn't understand a shit of boxing!



My conclusion is that there is no good trainer that will show his real secrets by blogging or vlogging. In fact, no one will even show his advanced techniques. So it's up to you to be able to "steal" different gems from different places. When you go to competition be very aware, what the other corners are doing. When you are watching TV, be very aware, what some commentators like Emanuel Steward, Andre Ward, Paul Malignaggi or Tedy Atlas are saying. Be able to separate important material from the others crap.