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Here are few highlights of this autumn, where I could meet some of the best grapplers in Europe!

Here's me with two of the best two german super heavyweights - Meraz and Freddy :)

I travelled to Sapateiro Invitational on 5 day notice and even became ill couple of days before the event, but I could still meet great people like Luke and Janusz on this photo

Overall the level of competition at this Sapateiro was just amazing!

My fellow teammate Thomas, or "Mr. Cardio" as I like to call him, fought great and went all the way to the finals!

After Sapateiro I visited Bulgaria, where I could train with the best grappling team led by Kristian Popov

Next day I rolled with the best lightweight in Bulgaria Veso Dukov

In a land where the national sport is watching TV and people are trying to beat each other's records, a group of people grounded the Bulgarian Grappling Association and are developing submission wrestling at its finest. This is a short tribute to Kristian Popov, Todor Abrashev, Veso Dukov, Vladislav Genov and Angel Karaivanov!

And this is a one shot from Pitbulls Grappling while taking a rest for a round!

On my way back I attended a seminar with whom I would call the best instructor Aaron Milham!

We were also visited by Nicky Ryan and Ethan Crelingsten, both of which are living ambassadors of Danaher Death Squad skills!

So you might not be surprised I won my first NAGA Europe belt, yet the suprising thing is that I did with the gi :D


I somehow didn't came up with an article about the summer camp in Leuven, but I'll post some great remembrance photos shot there, so enjoy:

Here the official image with pretty much all of the 250 jiu jiteiros, taken from the camp 2017 website :)

Let us start with my first GI photo and also first GI roll in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It was a lot of fun since I rolled with my two mates I came with  Alexander Neufang and Rene Becker. They are brown belts, so it was a decent level to start with ;)

Here a small fraction of the Matrix BJJ team

Me with Nicolas Dalby ahead of his UFC fight with Peter Sobotta and Eric B
ydairk lifting him up ;)

I caught Eric in a gable grip by surprise from behind, but I am pretty sure I won't catch that in a sparring ;)

After hard sparring session with David Odinsson chatting and chilling :)

Huge David Elizeon got the best of my technique during many rounds of sparring too :)

Wim Deputter being one of the few locals, showed us great control not only in technique, but in sparring as well! Now as I am writing this blog half and year later I guess he was the one, who might have impressed me most in this camp.

With the legent Chris Haueter - the man of the speech!

After training 10 hours daily it was the time for a night crawling ;)
"Every bar - every beer!"

Here Fredy and myself submitting statues in the center of the city :D

It was my first BJJ camp and I enjoyed immensely so see you around in the upcoming camps!