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After joyful and mind expanding experience at the BJJ Globetrotters Summer Camp Leuven 2016, we decided to redo business there :)

Just check the photos and the videos at the end!

Bruno, Adis, Alex, Andy, René, Svilko:)

Matrix BJJ team in gi ;-p

Flexin with Freddy ;)

Posing some more! Great pictures by Morgane Gielen

With Priit and Aaron, of whom we've learned so much!

Eating was big part of getting through the days :)

Edit of Alex's class

And latest, but not last - a vlog style cut of our experience!

I have three videos for you here from the awesome event in Eindhoven!

In the first one Alex Kovacevic pulls the fastest submission, as usual:

On the second one you can enjoy the matches of Kristian Popov, the minister of heelhook:

And on the third one you can see the open weight final between Freddy and Reinier:

Here is my beloved butterfly forward sweep or sometimes a takedown:

And this is my way to escape triangles ;)

After suffering from rib injury and finger inflammation for the first Matrix Invitational held on 12 March 2017, Vladislav Genov came out of Bulgaria to replace me and he won the tournament in a spectacular fashion by submitting all of his opponents:

Here is a glimpse of my grappling sessions at Alex's home:

Since Alex and me had some great rolls I decided to bring the camera to record couple of rounds mostly for a personal remembrance and sharing those with friends, who wonder what is happening in the home of a BJJ maniac with mats in his living room :P
I shot only three rounds, yet the video turned out to be too long so I decided to use couple great Astral Projection old school tracks with their slow and fast pace to change the pace in this video. Still at the end of the day this went to be 35 minutes, so I won't bring my gopro again :D



Here are two beloved techniques also seen in the above sparring and mainly refined in that legendary room:



Here another small gi-gem we filmed as a white belts warming up for the sandbagging worlds :D