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This is a Kimura escape I mainly developed with my favorite sparring partner Meraz Avdojan, who happens to be ridiculously strong. It is also designed for the cases, where your second arm is trapped. I present this one on the birthday of my dear friend and colleague Andreas Resch, who has actually the best Kimura game I know, in order to make his guys escape his Kimuras and give him the opportunity to develop his game further!

We enjoy a great weather in Saarbrücken lately so we decided to run a open mat at Staden at Saar river

This is the video evidence of how we became team #1 at Submissao 2018. Out of so much material I selected only the submissions! They are our ultimate goal and in this aspect we excel at most!
I chose this sick break beat track, because it resembles us breaking the hegemony of AJJK and the other usual suspects from Fight Fever / Luta Livre Landau, Planet Eater and Ribeiro JJ :)

Here is the video from the epic summer camp in 2017

Fredinho, our first prominent guest at Matrix Jiu Jitsu Saarbrücken, had the 'once in a lifetime opportunity' to become the first man to show a technique for the masses out of our gym! As a side story, he just won his super fight against UFC Tom Breese at Roll Models 6 in London!