I somehow didn't came up with an article about the summer camp in Leuven, but I'll post some great remembrance photos shot there, so enjoy:

Here the official image with pretty much all of the 250 jiu jiteiros, taken from the camp 2017 website :)

Let us start with my first GI photo and also first GI roll in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It was a lot of fun since I rolled with my two mates I came with  Alexander Neufang and Rene Becker. They are brown belts, so it was a decent level to start with ;)

Here a small fraction of the Matrix BJJ team

Me with Nicolas Dalby ahead of his UFC fight with Peter Sobotta and Eric B
ydairk lifting him up ;)

I caught Eric in a gable grip by surprise from behind, but I am pretty sure I won't catch that in a sparring ;)

After hard sparring session with David Odinsson chatting and chilling :)

Huge David Elizeon got the best of my technique during many rounds of sparring too :)

Wim Deputter being one of the few locals, showed us great control not only in technique, but in sparring as well! Now as I am writing this blog half and year later I guess he was the one, who might have impressed me most in this camp.

With the legent Chris Haueter - the man of the speech!

After training 10 hours daily it was the time for a night crawling ;)
"Every bar - every beer!"

Here Fredy and myself submitting statues in the center of the city :D

It was my first BJJ camp and I enjoyed immensely so see you around in the upcoming camps!