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Matrix BJJ traveled once more to Cologne to participate at the Iron Born submission grappling challenge 4. It is a great event organized by Heiko and his friends under modified Eddie Bravo rules. In the nogi I sticked two submissions, a knee bar and guillotine, and closed the brackets with my teammate Christian, who had an awesome fight against Philipp Hochberg (Taifun Luta Livre), which he won in the overtime via mata leao. In gi I surprised Johannes Schwerdtfeger (Ronin BJJ) with a straight footlock to get the gold. My favorite sparring partner Mraz didn't drop a sweat to win his 100 kg division, as well as the absolute, tapping Sascha Ernst (Body Masters) and Sven Groten (Combat Club Cologne) among others. Our student Felix, fought great and managed to get a d'arce after a knee slide pass in his first fight of his first competition and later hit a kimura submission! Steven, a recently promoted blue belt, started his way in the advanced divisions with a great heel hook victory and won the gold in extremely had fought matched, which we won in the overtime! Overall it was a great event, organized carefully by Heiko, who even managed to organize an UFC 229 replay on a beamer before starting! I've put all of the submission in a highlight video, so enjoy watching:

This summer for third time we had an amazing grappling camp in Sozopol! Check out the video evidence ;)

This is a Kimura escape I mainly developed with my favorite sparring partner Meraz Avdojan, who happens to be ridiculously strong. It is also designed for the cases, where your second arm is trapped. I present this one on the birthday of my dear friend and colleague Andreas Resch, who has actually the best Kimura game I know, in order to make his guys escape his Kimuras and give him the opportunity to develop his game further!

We enjoy a great weather in Saarbr├╝cken lately so we decided to run a open mat at Staden at Saar river

This is the video evidence of how we became team #1 at Submissao 2018. Out of so much material I selected only the submissions! They are our ultimate goal and in this aspect we excel at most!
I chose this sick break beat track, because it resembles us breaking the hegemony of AJJK and the other usual suspects from Fight Fever / Luta Livre Landau, Planet Eater and Ribeiro JJ :)